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Creating an Online Account

Create Account

Each account requires the user to create a new password

If you have not established a new password yet, put the 9 digit account number in the 'User Name' and the 7 digit agency number in the 'Password' field.

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You will be redirected to a setup page to supply an email address, create a new password and set up a security question.

Once a new password is established, future logins will require your Account Number (User Name) and the new password created.

Multiple Accounts

If you have additional accounts, a password must be established for each account (follow steps above to create a password for each account).


What is my User Name?

User name is the 9 digit account number located on the billing statement.

My agency number is not working as the password.

This happens when you already established a new password for the account. If you do not remember the password, click on the link 'I forgot my password'. Enter your username and click 'Next', and an email will be send to the email address we have on file.
If the email address on file is not correct, please click on 'Answer password questions instead' for an alternate reset process

My account is locked out.

You can wait the 1 hour for it to unlock or call 1-800-442-8277 ext. 1700 for a Representative to unlock the account immediately. You can also email the Help Desk. The hours of phone/email support are Monday - Friday 7:00 am - 4:30 pm (Eastern Standard Time).

My new password is not working.

The password you created must be at least 8 characters, contain a number and is case sensitive.

Technical Support

If you have questions or concerns about this process please feel free to contact our help desk at Help Desk or 1-800-442-8277 ext. 1700.

Before Filling out a Claim Form Read the Following:

  1. In the event of an auto accident, or another emergency situation, first contact the local police or appropriate authorities by dialing 911.
  2. Report your insurance claim in a timely manner following the loss by either contacting your local Hastings Mutual independent agent or by completing the online claim reporting form below.
  3. When reporting a claim to your agent or using the online claim reporting form below, please be prepared with necessary information including Date of Loss, Description of Loss, and other important details to help us best resolve your claim.
  4. If you are unable to reach your independent agent, or experience difficulty with the online claim reporting form below, you may call our Hasting Mutual After Hours Emergency Claim number for assistance at 1-800-442-8277
  5. If you elect to use the online claim reporting form below, Hastings Mutual will notify your independent agent of your insurance claim as soon as possible.

Click here for additional information regarding specific claim situations.

Online Claim Form